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Honk! (Name) is (Age) today!

Party On (Name)!

(Name) Is Looking Great at 28, 38, 48…

(Name) is Looking Fine at 29, 39, 49…

Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!

Holy Cow (Name) is 40 now!

(55) Cheers for (55) Years!

It’s the Big (5-0)!

(50) is (5) Perfect (10)’s! We (Heart) (Name)!

Celebrating (75) Years of (Name)!

Too Many Candles to Count!  Happy Bday (Name)

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Almost out of (His/Her) Prime (Name) is (39)!

Oh No (Name) is the big 4-0!

Everybody Scream (Name) is (13)!

Sweet 16!

How fun (Name) is 1!

Double Digit Diva! Happy 10th (Name)

(Name) is (50) and Fabulous!

Lordy! (Name) is 40!

(Name) is over the Hill!

Say it Ain’t So (Name) is the big (3-0)!

Choo Choo Alex is 2!

Holy Crap John is 50!  (with a poop emoji)

It’s the Big One (Name)! Happy Bday!

Weddings & Anniversaries

The Party is Here!

Congrats (Name) & (Name) She said Yes!

Celebrating (20) Years (Name) & (Name)

Happy (25)th Anniversary!

Celebrating (Name) & (Name) (Date)

Cheers to Many More Years!

Best Wishes (Name) & (Name) (Wedding Date)


Celebrations & Miscellaneous

Goodbye Tension Hello Pension!

Life Begins at Retirement!

Congrats (Name) on Your Retirement!

Welcome Home!

Thanks Coach (Name) You Rock!

World’s Greatest Dad!

Happy Father/Mother’s Day!

Mom You Rock!

World's Best Mom

Mom We (Heart) You!

Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!

Be My Valentine!

Be My Prom/Homecoming Date (Name)?

Time to Play (Name) Retired Today!

Let’s Have Fun It’s 2021!

No More Chemo!

Welcome Home Troops! (military signs w/ flags & stars)

Best Bonus Dad


Congrats (Name) 2020!

BS Done!

RN Done!

(College Name) Bound!

Jump & Shout  School's Out

Buzzard Display

Happy 60th Bday You Old Buzzard!

We buzzed in to Wish (Name) a Happy Retirement

Happy Bday John from all the old Birds!

Cow Display

We Herd It's Your Birthday!

Party Til the Cows Come Home

Holy Cow Greg is (Age)!

Don't have a cow.  You're (age) now.

Retirement.  Milk It!

Jack is an Udder Year Older.

Snowman Display

Chill Out It's Cool to be (Age)

Coolest Pop/Mom/Nana/Gpa

Have a Cool Brrrthday!

Still Cool at (Age)!

Tombstone Display

HiHo HiHo Over the Hill Mark Goes!

Ryan Here Lies Your Youth!


Baby Announcements

A Blessing Has Arrived!

Showering (Name) with Joy!

Welcome God’s Little Miracle!

(Name) is Here!

Welcome to the world (Name)!

The Shower is Here!

Let’s Shower (Name) with Love!

Boots or Bows (Gender Reveal)

Lashes or Staches (Gender Reveal)

Wheels or Heels (Gender Reveal)


School & Fundraisers

Good Luck At (Event) (Name)!

All Stars All The Way!

We (heart) Our Teachers!

Welcome Back Students!

Go (Hawks)!

Go (MHS)!

Coach (Name) Rocks!

Happy Birthday (Teacher’s Name)!

Congrats Sectional/State Champs!

Auction/Fundraiser Tonight!

We Love Our Teachers!

We Love Our Volunteers!

Register/Donate Here!

(Team Name) Loves Coach (Name)!


Welcome Home (Name)!

Congrats (Name) on Your New Home!

Open House Saturday!

Open House Sunday!

Just Listed!


Grand Opening!

Wine Tasting!

Happy Hour!

Now Open!

New Menu!

Create your own sign

Businesses and Sales

Garage Sales

Estate Sales


Now Leasing!



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