My name is Dianna.   I'll be the one you are communicating with about your greeting! These are some pictures of my friends and family who've agreed to let me use...umm feature them on this page.
dj profile pic.jpg
santa edited.jpg
chef's table.jpg
We Believe!
My husband John and I.  We love to travel.  He's a professor and a pastor.  We've been married since 2007.  Love us!
We love new
There's more than one way to get the pinata up in the air.  What you don't see is the skid loader, 2x6 and who knows what else.  We love to have fun and lots of wienie roasts too!
joanna roy easter.jpg
escape room.jpg
Nothing like family bonding while being chased by a zombie!
Great minds think alike!  So much fun!  I have a picture of the witch around here somewhere too....before we melted her.
kerry and i halloween.jpg
Pre Meltdown and since she's smiling probably pre house drop too
family ship niece nephew.jpg
Family.  It's all about God and family.  Treasure each moment, make all the memories you can and take pictures.  One day it will be all you have left.  We are looking forward to sharing your special days, events, and memories!  God bless.